Why use a buying agent?

The benefits of using a buying agent

There are several reasons why you might want to use a property buying agent in the UK to help you purchase your next property:

Local knowledge

Perhaps you are new to London or have been out of the area for a few years. With our local knowledge, we can help you find the best area to purchase your property.

We keep our finger on the pulse and stay up to date with new developments. Local knowledge is essential when choosing where to purchase your next property.

A sign of commitment

The sale and purchase process in the UK is notoriously challenging and unreliable.

Somewhat unique to England, the sale and purchase of a property only becomes binding at the ‘exchange of contracts’. Typically several weeks will pass between an offer being accepted and the exchange of contracts.

With our detailed knowledge of the various stages of the property purchase process, we are able to follow up, chase, and otherwise encourage the various parties involved to perform their roles in a timely manner.

This can be the difference between a successful purchase or missing out on your dream property.

Access to off-market properties

Through our industry connections, we hear about properties that are not publicly listed for sale. There can be some fantastic off-market opportunities. There are several advantages of purchasing off-market properties in London, one of which is, there is less likelihood of being involved in competitive bidding.


Finding the right property can be very time-consuming. The goal of the selling agent is the get people through the door in the hope that someone will like the property enough to make an offer. Properties are often not quite as advertised, which can result in many wasted viewings.

We aim to get a good understanding of what exactly you are looking for. With your brief in mind, we are able to vet properties and compile a shortlist of properties that we feel may be suitable for you.

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