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As an experienced Property Finder and buying agent in London, we address a very simple but significant problem in the UK property market. Namely, buyers who take all the financial risk are completely unrepresented and have to deal with estate agents who work exclusively for the seller.

We balance the tables. We work exclusively for property buyers, representing their interests and managing the entire purchase process on their behalf.

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What does your service include?

At Amity & Co, we prioritise offering a personalised and effective property search and acquisition service to all our clients. Our expertise and resources are at your disposal to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for in the property market.

Our Property Finder Services Include:

Residential Property Search: We focus on finding homes that align with your lifestyle, location preferences, and budget, understanding the importance of matching a property to your personal criteria.

Investment Property Search: For those looking to expand their investment portfolio, we provide insights and access to properties with promising growth potential and rental yields, backed by thorough market analysis.

Rental Search: Our team assists in locating premium rental options that meet your needs, negotiating terms to secure favourable conditions on your behalf.

Relocation Services: For clients moving within or to the UK, we offer comprehensive support, from area orientation to finding schools, ensuring a smooth transition to your new environment.

Access to Off-Market Properties: Thanks to our extensive network, we offer you exclusive access to properties that aren’t available through regular market channels, giving you a competitive edge in your search.

Negotiation and Purchase Assistance: Our experience in negotiation can significantly benefit you by securing properties at the best prices and terms. We manage the entire purchasing process, coordinating with all parties involved to ensure a seamless transaction.

After-Sale Services: Beyond the purchase, we can help manage your property, whether it involves handling rentals or overseeing renovations, ensuring your investment is well cared for.

Bespoke Consultancy: Tailored advice on portfolio building and strategic investment planning is also part of our service, aimed at maximising your returns in the long run.

At Amity & Co, we strive to make your property search and acquisition process as straightforward and successful as possible. Our dedicated team uses their knowledge and expertise to find your ideal property, managing all aspects of the search and purchase, so you can look forward to moving into your new home or making the most of your investment with complete peace of mind.

Why should I choose a London property finder over searching by myself?

Choosing to work with a London property finder like Amity & Co instead of conducting a search on your own comes with several key benefits that streamline the property buying or renting process and enhance the quality of your choices:

Expert Knowledge and Insight: Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of the local property market, including access to off-market listings that you might not find on your own. This expertise allows us to identify properties that closely match your criteria and offer potential for appreciation.

Time-Saving: Searching for the right property can be time-consuming, especially if you have specific requirements or are looking in competitive markets. We save you considerable time by conducting targeted searches, previewing properties, and presenting you with options that meet your needs.

Negotiation Skills: With extensive experience in property transactions, we have the negotiation skills needed to secure your chosen property at the best possible price and terms. Our involvement can make a significant difference in the final deal you receive.

Stress Reduction: The process of buying or renting a property can be stressful, particularly in fast-moving markets. We manage the entire process on your behalf, from the initial search to the final acquisition, reducing the stress and complexity for you.

Increased chance of success: Did you know that in 2023 more than 30% of property purchases fell through after an offer was accepted? We have a success rate in excess of 95%. We conduct extensive due diligence before an offer is made. Post-offer acceptance, we closely oversee the conveyancing process to ensure the process is moving along as efficiently as possible.

Personalised Service: Unlike broad search platforms, we offer a personalised service that considers all your preferences, needs, and concerns. This bespoke approach ensures that every property we present is a viable match for you, tailored to your lifestyle and financial goals.

Professional Networks: Our established relationships within the industry give you access to a wider range of properties, including those that may not yet be listed on the open market. Our network also includes legal and financial experts to assist with the various aspects of property acquisition.

By choosing Amity & Co as your London property finder, you’re not just hiring a service; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to making your property dreams a reality with efficiency, expertise, and a personal touch.

How do you source your properties?

At Amity & Co, our approach to sourcing properties is comprehensive, ensuring we can present our clients with a wide range of options that perfectly match their specific criteria. Here’s how we source properties:

Extensive Network: We have built a broad network of contacts over the years, including estate agents, developers, and private sellers. This network is a vital resource, allowing us access to properties before they hit the open market.

Market Intelligence: Our team continually analyses the market, staying abreast of current trends and upcoming areas of interest. This knowledge enables us to identify potential properties early on.

Off-Market Listings: Through our established relationships within the industry, we gain access to off-market properties. These are homes that are not listed on the open market and are often available exclusively through networks like ours.

Technology and Tools: We leverage the latest technology and proprietary tools to scan the market efficiently. This ensures we can quickly identify properties that meet your unique preferences and requirements.

Local Knowledge: Our deep understanding of the local areas we cover is invaluable. It means we can find hidden gems and advise on the most suitable neighbourhoods based on your lifestyle, preferences, and needs.

Client Collaboration: We work closely with you to refine our search criteria continually. Your feedback is crucial as it helps us fine-tune our search process, ensuring the properties we find are a closer match to what you’re looking for.

By combining these methods, we ensure a thorough search process that covers all bases. This approach allows us to find the best possible property matches for our clients, including exclusive opportunities they wouldn’t be able to find on their own.

Property Finder London

Can you assist with investment property searches?

At Amity & Co, we offer specialised services designed to assist clients in finding and acquiring investment properties that meet their financial and strategic goals. Our comprehensive approach to investment property searches includes:

Understanding Your Investment Goals: We start by discussing your long-term investment objectives, preferred risk levels, and expected returns. This understanding allows us to tailor our search to properties that align with your investment strategy.

Market Analysis: Our team conducts thorough market analysis to identify areas with high growth potential, strong rental yields, and other factors that contribute to a successful property investment. We keep abreast of market trends, economic indicators, and regulatory changes that could impact your investment.

Sourcing Properties: Leveraging our network and industry contacts, we source a range of investment properties, from residential units to commercial spaces and development projects. This includes access to exclusive, off-market listings that offer unique investment opportunities.

Due Diligence: We conduct comprehensive due diligence on potential investment properties, assessing factors such as property condition, legal standing, tenancy agreements, and rental income potential. This ensures you have all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Negotiation and Acquisition: With your investment criteria in mind, we negotiate on your behalf to secure the property at the best possible price and terms. Our goal is to maximise your investment returns while minimising risks.

Post-Purchase Support: Beyond the acquisition, we can offer guidance on property management, renovations, or resale strategies to further enhance your investment’s value and return on investment.

By choosing Amity & Co for your London investment property search, you gain a partner dedicated to identifying the best investment opportunities in the market. Our expertise and personalised service ensure your investment journey is both profitable and aligned with your overall financial goals.

Could you explain the process from start to finish of finding a property in London?

At Amity & Co (Property Finder London), our process of finding a property is tailored to ensure that your journey towards finding the perfect home or investment is smooth, transparent, and aligned with your specific needs. Here’s a breakdown of our typical process:

Initial Consultation: We begin with an in-depth discussion to understand your preferences, needs, and lifestyle. This includes your budget, desired location, property type, and any specific requirements you have.

Market Research: Leveraging our extensive knowledge of the London and Surrey property markets, we conduct thorough research to identify properties that match your criteria. This includes access to both on-market and exclusive off-market listings.

Property Shortlisting: Based on our research, we compile a curated list of properties that meet your specifications. We provide you with detailed information on each, including pros and cons, to help you make informed decisions.

Viewings: We arrange and accompany you on viewings to the shortlisted properties at times that suit you. Our presence ensures that we can provide immediate advice and answer any questions you might have on the spot.

Selection and Offer: Once you’ve identified a property that you’re interested in, we discuss and advise on the offer strategy. We then negotiate on your behalf to ensure the best possible terms and price.

Offer Acceptance and Conveyancing: Following acceptance of your offer, we guide you through the conveyancing process. We liaise with estate agents, solicitors, and other parties involved to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction.

Final Checks and Completion: Before completion, we assist with any final checks (e.g., surveys, final walk-through) to ensure everything is as agreed. We then support you through to the completion day, when the property becomes officially yours.

Post-Completion Support: Our service doesn’t end at completion. We offer further assistance, whether you need recommendations for tradespeople, help with setting up utilities, or advice on local amenities.

Our goal at Amity & Co is to make your property acquisition as effortless and enjoyable as possible, providing expert guidance every step of the way.

Property Finder London

What are your property finder London fees and payment structure?

As a leading Property Finder London, Amity & Co adopts a clear and straightforward fee structure designed to align with our client’s best interests throughout the property search and acquisition process. Our fees are structured as follows:

Initial Retainer Fee: When starting your property search with us, a modest initial retainer fee is requested. This fee primarily serves as a demonstration of your commitment to the search process, reflecting the seriousness of your intent to find and acquire a property with our assistance. As a Property Finder in London operating on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, this initial investment ensures that our efforts are reserved for clients who are earnestly pursuing property acquisition. This approach helps us to align our goals with yours right from the start, ensuring a partnership based on trust and shared objectives.

Success Fee: Upon the successful acquisition of a property, we charge a success fee. This is a percentage of the purchase price and is only payable upon exchange/completion of the property transaction. This fee structure motivates us to find the best property at the most favourable price and terms for our clients.

Additional Services: For clients requiring services beyond the standard search and acquisition process, such as property management or renovation project oversight, fees for these services are discussed and agreed upon separately. This ensures transparency and allows us to tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

At Amity & Co, we pride ourselves on transparency and integrity in all our dealings. Before commencing any property search, we ensure all aspects of our fees and payment structures are clearly explained and agreed upon. This approach allows us to build strong, trust-based relationships with our clients, ensuring we act in your best interest as your dedicated Property Finder in London.

Our aim is to make the process of finding and acquiring a property as smooth and efficient as possible, providing value through our expertise, negotiation skills, and access to off-market properties.

You can view more information on our buying agent fees page.

If you’re looking for comprehensive support in navigating the London property market, Amity & Co is here to provide a service that exceeds your expectations, ensuring your investment is both a pleasure and a success.

Property Finder London

What is the usual timeframe for finding a property?

The timeframe for finding a property through Amity & Co (Property Finder London), your trusted Property Finder in London, can vary significantly based on several factors, including the specifics of your property requirements, market conditions, and the availability of properties that meet your criteria.

Generally, the search process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months:

Short-term Searches: For clients with flexible requirements and a broader scope in terms of location and property type, finding a suitable property may take a few weeks. This is often the case when the market is buoyant, and there are many properties available that match the client’s criteria.

Targeted Searches: If you have very specific needs, such as a particular style of property, location, or features like a large garden or proximity to certain schools, the search may take longer, potentially several months. Targeted searches require patience and persistence, especially if properties in your preferred area are rarely available or highly sought after.

Market Conditions: The state of the property market in London and Surrey can also impact the search timeframe. In a seller’s market, where demand outstrips supply, finding the right property may take longer due to competition. Conversely, in a buyer’s market, the process may be quicker due to a higher availability of properties.

Off-Market Properties: Our access to off-market properties can sometimes expedite the search process. These are properties that are not publicly advertised for sale, and accessing them can provide you with unique opportunities that meet your criteria more quickly.

At Amity & Co (Property Finder London), we specialise in providing tailored property finding services to international clients, facilitating the search and acquisition of properties in London and Surrey. Our comprehensive approach ensures that distance and location are no barriers to finding your ideal property.

Our Services for International Clients Include:

Virtual Consultations: We initiate our process with detailed discussions via video conferencing to grasp your property needs, preferences, and investment aims. This foundational step is critical in aligning our search with your expectations.

Video Call Viewings: A pivotal aspect of our service for international clients is offering property viewings through video calls. This technology allows you to explore properties in real-time, giving you an intimate view of potential homes without the need to travel. For added convenience, we also provide pre-recorded video tours, which can be viewed at your convenience, ensuring you have a thorough understanding of each property’s features and layout.

Selective Travel: Leveraging video call viewings streamlines your search process, enabling you to narrow down your options remotely. This efficient approach means you only travel to London when there’s a property of serious interest, ensuring your visit is highly productive.

Market Insight and Coordination: Our in-depth knowledge of the property markets in London and Surrey, combined with our coordination of legal and financial processes, ensures you’re well-informed and supported throughout your property journey.

Post-Acquisition Support: Our commitment to you doesn’t end with a successful acquisition. We offer ongoing support, be it setting up utilities, property management, or overseeing renovations, to facilitate a smooth transition to your new UK home.

We have assisted clients from various countries, such as the USA, UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore, Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, South Africa, Turkey, and Australia, to name a few. Our experience with clients from these countries means we’re well-versed in the specific needs and expectations of international property buyers.

At Amity & Co (Property Finder London), our goal is to make your property acquisition in the UK as seamless and enjoyable as possible, regardless of where you are starting your search. Whether you’re relocating, investing, or looking for a second home, we ensure a personalised and comprehensive service that transcends geographical boundaries.

How can I start using your Property Finder London service?

Starting with Amity & Co is straightforward and designed to get your property search underway with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. Here’s how you can begin:

Contact Us: Reach out through our website, email, WhatsApp or by phone. We’re ready to listen to your requirements and answer any initial questions you may have about our services or the property market in London and Surrey.

Initial Consultation: We’ll arrange a no-obligation consultation, which can be done in person, over the phone, or via a video call. This session is crucial for us to understand your property needs, preferences, budget, and any specific requirements or questions you might have.

Agreement on Services: If you decide to proceed with us, we’ll discuss and agree on the scope of services tailored to your search. This includes clarifying our fee structure and any specific terms of service, ensuring transparency and mutual understanding from the start.

Retainer Fee: Once you’re ready to move forward, a modest retainer fee is required to begin the property search. This fee is a demonstration of commitment to the process and allows us to allocate the necessary resources to find your ideal property.

Property Search Commences: With all the formalities out of the way, we dive into the property search, keeping you updated with progress, potential properties, and market insights relevant to your search criteria.

Viewings and Selection: We arrange viewings of properties that meet your criteria and accompany you on these, or provide virtual viewings if you’re searching from abroad. We’re with you every step of the way, offering advice and making adjustments to the search as needed.

To get started with Amity & Co, simply reach out to us with your property aspirations, and let us guide you through a bespoke London property finding experience that is as rewarding as it is result-oriented. We’re here to simplify the complexity of the London property market and help you find your perfect home or investment.

What sets your property finder service apart from others?

At Amity & Co (Property Finder London), our distinctive approach to property finding is crafted around delivering a truly bespoke and high-quality service. Here’s what sets us apart:

Personalised Service: Every client receives a tailored service that’s meticulously aligned with their specific property needs and preferences. This custom approach ensures we’re fully attuned to what you’re looking for, be it a family home, investment property, or a city apartment.

Expert Knowledge: Our team’s deep understanding of both the London and Surrey property markets means we’re well-placed to offer insightful advice, from navigating market trends to understanding local nuances that could influence your property choice.

Exclusive Access: We provide our clients with access to off-market properties, thanks to our extensive network. This exclusive access allows you to explore and secure homes that aren’t available to the general public, giving you a distinct advantage.

Comprehensive Support: Our support extends from the initial search phase through to completion and beyond. We assist with everything from negotiating purchase prices to coordinating with solicitors, ensuring a seamless process.

Focused Attention: A key aspect of our service is our commitment to never handling more than six active clients at a time. This policy ensures that each property search receives the full attention it deserves, allowing us to dedicate ample time and resources to finding your perfect property.

International Expertise: For clients based overseas, we offer services tailored to your unique circumstances, including video call viewings and detailed property reports, ensuring you’re fully informed and engaged in the property search, no matter where you are in the world.

Transparent Fees: Our fee structure is clear and straightforward. Operating on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis aligns our goals with yours, focusing solely on achieving the best outcome for you without any hidden costs.

Our unwavering dedication to providing a client-centred, detail-oriented service positions Amity & Co as a premier Property Finder London. We go above and beyond to ensure your property acquisition journey is not just successful but exceeds your expectations at every turn.

How involved are you in the negotiation and purchase process?

At Amity & Co, our involvement in the negotiation and purchase process is comprehensive and hands-on, ensuring that our clients benefit from expert guidance at every step. Our goal is to not only secure your ideal property but also to ensure that you do so on the best possible terms. Here’s how we support you:

Market Analysis: Before entering any negotiation, we conduct a thorough market analysis to establish the property’s true value. This ensures our negotiation strategy is informed by current market conditions and comparable sales.

Negotiation Strategy: Leveraging our extensive experience, we develop a tailored negotiation strategy for each property. Our approach is designed to secure the best possible price and terms for our clients, taking into account the seller’s position and any competition for the property.

Offer Submission: We handle the submission of your offer, ensuring it is presented professionally and promptly, accompanied by a strong case to highlight your position as a buyer.

Liaison with All Parties: Throughout the negotiation process, we act as your representative, liaising with estate agents, sellers, solicitors, and other relevant parties. Our involvement helps to maintain clear communication and momentum towards a successful purchase.

Handling Counteroffers: If a counteroffer is received, we will advise you on the best course of action, whether it’s adjusting your offer, standing firm, or considering other options. Our expertise is crucial in navigating these discussions effectively.

Closing the Deal: Once an offer is accepted, we oversee the progression of the purchase, coordinating with solicitors, mortgage brokers, and surveyors to ensure a smooth path to exchange and completion.

Our proactive and client-focused approach ensures that you are supported by expert negotiators throughout the purchase process, minimising stress and maximising outcomes. With Amity & Co, you have a partner committed to securing not just any property, but the right property under the best possible terms.

What happens if I don’t find a property I want to buy?

At Amity & Co, we understand that finding the right property can sometimes take longer than anticipated or may not happen within the initial search period. Our commitment to your satisfaction and success in finding your ideal property is unwavering, and here’s how we address situations where you/we might not immediately find a property you want to buy:

Reassessment and Strategy Adjustment: If the initial search does not yield the property you’re looking for, we take a step back to reassess your requirements and preferences. This may involve discussing any new insights you’ve gained during the search or adjusting our strategy to explore different areas or property types that may better suit your needs. Our clients often change their minds about what they want during the search process.

Extended Search Effort: We’re committed to continuing our search efforts. Our service is designed to be flexible and persistent, recognizing that the right property is worth waiting for. We’ll keep you regularly updated with new listings and market developments that could affect your search.

Patience and Persistence: Finding the perfect property, especially in a market as competitive and diverse as London’s, often requires patience. We encourage our clients to remain open to new possibilities and reassured by our continued support and dedication.

No Additional Costs: If your property search extends beyond the initial period, we typically do not charge extra fees for continuing our search. The continuation of the search beyond the initial search term is by mutual agreement. Our ‘no win, no fee’ structure means that our success fee is only payable upon the successful purchase of a property.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure you find a property that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. We value the trust you place in us as your property finding partner and are committed to working tirelessly until we find you the perfect home or investment.

What if I am not satisfied with the property options provided?

At Amity & Co, your satisfaction is paramount to us. Should you find yourself not entirely pleased with the property options we’ve provided, we have a proactive and client-focused approach to address and rectify this:

Feedback and Review: We encourage open and honest communication throughout the search process. If the properties we are presenting do not meet your expectations, we’ll review your feedback in detail to understand precisely what aspects are not aligning with your needs.

Adjustment of Search Criteria: Based on your feedback, we can adjust our search criteria. This might involve re-evaluating the type of properties you’re interested in, considering different locations, or revising your budget and other specifications.

Expanded Search: With revised criteria or new insights, we can expand our search to include areas and properties that were previously not considered. Our extensive network and market knowledge allow us to uncover new opportunities that might better meet your expectations.

Continued Support: We are committed to continuing our search and support for as long as it takes to find the right property for you. Our dedication to your property finding journey remains strong, regardless of how long it takes.

No Extra Charge: Adjusting the search based on your feedback and continuing our efforts come at no additional cost to you. Our aim is to find you a property that you’re completely satisfied with, under the terms of our initial agreement.

Your trust in us is something we highly value, and we are dedicated to turning your property aspirations into reality. We believe the right property is out there for every client, and we won’t rest until we’ve found yours.

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